spotify-mobileHOW THIS SITE WORKS

Follow these easy steps to set up your media campaign

  1. Find the digital advertising media that works for you
  2. Pick a package
  3. Purchase it online using your credit card
  4. Create a required minimum total spend of $3,000
  5. Download the ad specs
  6. Upload your ads
  7. Or contact us to create ads for you
  8. Enjoy the benefits of digital media for your haunt

Note: We will possibly need to contact you to complete your transaction or gather more information, depending upon the type of media y ou purchase. Once you’ve purchased your media, you will have created a log in account. You can then log back in to purchase other media, download specs and upload your ads. You can also call (512) 554-8867 with questions.

Purchase and Site Details and Terms

FearWorm Hauntvertising and FearWorm Digital are resellers of digital advertising products shown on this site. We do not own any of these advertising mediums. Prices are secure once purchased, but subject to change for future purchases.

Privacy Policy. We will not share any information received on this site, nor store your credit card data. Information is used solely for planning and purchasing digital advertising. Client freely provides such information to FearWorm for the purposes of media planning and purchasing.

Payment and Credit. No credit is offered to any clients on FearWorm Digital. All advertising must be paid in advance by credit card including Visa, Mastercard and American Express. We do not accept cash or debit cards, nor payment on credit or terms.

Fees for Service. All prices include agency commissions and service fees. No sales tax is charged on advertising purchases. Sales tax will be charged on creative work produced for clients located in Texas at a rate of .0825.

Ad Creative. Client is to submit advertising creative. Designs can be produced by FearWorm at agreed-upon prices by calling Ernest Corder at (512) 554-8867 or emailing at FearWorm assumes that client has full rights to all materials used in their ads submitted to run on media purchased through FearWorm digital. This may include but is not limited to graphic design, photos, video, music, acting rights and royalties, logos, trademarks and copyrights.

Liability. FearWorm Hauntvertising and FearWorm Digital are not to be held liable for any results or lack thereof brought about by running advertising through this site. No results are guaranteed. We also do not assume liability for any lawsuits or other issues brought about by running ads purchased on this site.

Refusal of Service. We hold the right to refuse service or providing advertising services to any client based on our own choice or due to market exclusivity.

Market Exclusivity. Due to our agency client relationships, we are not able to sell services in the following markets as listed:

• Dallas, TX – Blackout area. No services can be purchased on

• Buffalo, NY – Blackout area. No services can be purchased on

Geographic Coverage Area. Ads can only be purchased to run in the contiguous 48 states in the United States of America.