Digital Media Options For Purchase

Fearworm Digital is an easy place for haunted attractions to purchase their digital media. We buy at wholesale rates on a million-dollar rate level. And we also receive 15% in free ads on most media that we give to you with the buy. Read about the various digital media options below, then click through to the store to purchase packages online.

Note that all media is sold on a cost-per-thousand-impressions basis. That’s a CPM. Each media package is pre-set with ideal demographics, geographic targeting and several CPM packages that get cheaper as you buy more.


Spotify is digital radio at its best, and the hottest new thing to hit the younger audience. Our packages target 15 to 28 year olds, which is Spotify’s prime audience. Your competitors will likely not be running on Spotify because the standard minimum buy is $10,000. That is way too much for a haunt to spend for one event in one market. Due to our packages and buying power, you’re able to purchase with minimums as low as $2,375, and likely be the only haunt in your market dominating the Spotify audience. Ads are :30 audio ads and include a companion banner.


Pandora is the largest online radio medium in the country. Our packages target ages 13 to 29 and can be purchased either by the metro (city) level or by the county level. County costs a bit more due to the targeting. You can run :15 or :30 radio ads plus companion banners on desktop, tablet and mobile phone. You can buy Pandora on your own, but the new minimum is a $10,000 buy. That’s overkill  for one market for Pandora. Luckily our minimum is $2,375.

Mobile Device I.D. Targeting

This is the latest way to reach people on their mobile phones that goes way beyond geo-fencing. People often think they are buying this, but its not readily available to most. This technology uses apps to identify smart phones that walk into a specific area. You can target that phone, then run ads to it later in-app and in-browser. We can target the local high schools, specific haunts, costume stores, nightclubs, even your competitors, and run ads to people that walk in their doors carrying their phones.

Mobile Geo-Fencing

We run a very precise geo-fencing technology that reaches people on their cell phones why they are browsing on the internet at very specific locations. This could be kids at the high school, or those standing in line at your competitor’s haunts. Ads run across the internet, and are very inexpensive.

Behavioral/Contextual Targeting

This technology uses Big Data in a great way for your business. Everything you ever search for on the internet is saved, regardless of whether you click on it or not. This technology references that data to find people that have shown an interest in haunted houses, amusement parks, entertainment, horror, Halloween, etc. Then we can run ads to those people on their phones, tablets and PCs. It also can run contextually on sites or in articles about those same topics. And it is super-cheap.

Online Video

If you want your best target market to actually see your video productions, then you have to include pre-roll online video in your campaign. These are typically the ads you have to sit through online before you can watch the video you want to see or see some content, on tens of thousands of sites across the internet. You can run :15 or :30 ads. We also run video on premium “impact” formats that drop in from the sidebar. And we can target by geo, demo, and even keywords. That means you give us terms (like “haunted house”) and we can identify people that have searched for that term, then target them with your videos.

Re-Targeting Online Display

Re-targeting ads are the “stalker” ads that follow you around after you visit a web site. We give you a piece of code to drop on the back end of your site. When people visit your site, it puts a cookie on their computer that allows us to follow them around with our banner ads. This is a great way to add frequency to your campaign at a very low cost.

Keyword Targeting

Our Keyword Targeting options go way beyond adwords. Most people will never click on a paid search ad. Good thing is, through “big data” we are able to identify people that have searched for very specific terms (i.e. “Haunted Houses Near Me”), then re-target that person with display and video ads through their browsers on their phones, tablets and PCs. There is a standard version of keyword targeting which picks up people that have made these searches in the last 30 days or so. Then there is the new 2-Hour Keyword Targeting option that can reach people in as little as 2-hours after their search, making it a very timely option for event promotion.

Fearworm Stalker

The Fearworm Stalker includes 2 packages making it easy for your haunted attraction to target its most likely customers, with a grouping of “stalker” advertising methods combined into one amazing package. Packages include geo-fencing, mobile device ID targeting in-app ads, cross-platform video and display, re-targeting and the latest keyword targeting.